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On an annual basis, I take on a small number of clients, primarily in the outdoor, environmental, and social movement-building space, to advise on, design, and facilitate retreats and experiences. 


my approach

I believe that it's time for a complete reimagining of the way we gather. The days of flying to packed conference halls or attending mundane networking events are becoming more and more irrelevant. Attendees and participants at any gathering desire immersive experiences that keep them engaged and emotionally connected. 

I focus on distinctiveness, curation, and custom-tailored creative strategy. An experience doesn't begin the moment guests arrive—it starts at the moment of discovery. I work with clients to plan every touchpoint, from the first Facebook post, to the branded gift bag they take home with them. I take a holistic view of the entire event to create a comprehensive experience—one with a narrative thread that feels coherent, meaningful, and substantive.

Having built a large brand following with press in Forbes, Outside, and Sunset magazines, respectively, I have a unique understanding of what it takes to build gatherings that leave participants delighted and inspired. Additionally, I have expertise in creating compelling pitch decks for collaboration and sponsorship to build both legitimacy and strategic content incentives. Authentic storytelling, lifestyle photos, and cause marketing are in high demand and brands want partners to help tell meaningful stories for their customers and stakeholders.


If we find we're a good fit, I'll help you develop your plan with a dual perspective: that of the participant AND from the perspective of your business/brand/organization to ensure both experiential and financial goals are met and exceeded.  

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