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I'm Rae.

A career history in media, communications, and social entrepreneurship have defined my ability to take unformed or complex ideas and transform them into compelling brands, impactful initiatives, and immersive narratives that elicit change. I've cultivated my entrepreneurial spirit by helping hundreds of clients start and scale their orgs, while bringing several businesses and non-profits of my own to life.


I believe that entrepreneurship and activism often require publicly staking a claim for a world that could be, and walking an unknowable path so that others might follow. This way of being is a driving force in my life, and I've dedicated my career to building and amplifying organizations tackling inequity, sustainability, and regenerative enterprise.


Photo: Jo Savage

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My Story

I've always been drawn to storytelling as a powerful medium for systems change, and have worked extensively in the film industry, the creative arts and design world, and as a communications strategist and entrepreneur. I've worked with both large organizations like Nike, Google, and Patagonia, and small, community-minded businesses and nonprofits. Throughout my career I've helped hundreds of people tell their stories with integrity and conviction. 

I've been featured in Outside Magazine, ForbesB the Change Media, and I'm the co-founder of Wylder, the first female-founded benefit corporation in the state of Utah. I love working with artists and entrepreneurs, and I've often marveled at how any of us build resilient businesses, form effective movements, and endeavor to create a more just and sustainable world when failure seems so imminent. I think the real wonder that lies within all humans, found in our very DNA, is the propensity to mess up slightly. To blunder. To mutate. And then, to adapt. Without these attributes, our species would still be anaerobic bacteria, so it's imperative that we confront issues head-on with an adaptive approach in order to truly grow and learn. The most effective rebels and changemakers seem to be those dedicated to constant evolution and continued iteration.  

When not hustling on a project, you'll likely find me attempting to hold a two minute handstand, soaking at my family's hot spring property, or listening to science and philosophy podcasts as I make my way into the wilderness. 

Image by Bleron Salihi

Photo: Tory Treseder




Words: Rae (Jainee) Dial

Photos: Camrin Dengel

Originally published in

Beside Magazine Issue 06

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Malou Anderson-Ramirez, a third generation cattle rancher, and her family, navigate the challenges of carrying on the family tradition while sharing a landscape with predators in Tom Miner Basin, Montana.


Words: Rae (Jainee) Dial

Photos: Camrin Dengel

Originally published in

Beside Media

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The Shearer's

How a Montana rancher is giving life to a lost art.

friberg wylder low res (83 of 147) (1)-1.jpg

Words: Rae (Jainee) Dial

Photos: Michael Friberg

Originally published in

Modern Huntsman Vol. 4

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The Story of Wylder

Building a brand with integrity

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