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Bring your vision to the world with clarity.

A memorable brand leaves an impression that people can feel. Through my holistic branding process, we'll craft your unique story and build a foundation of purpose around who you are, how you stand out, and what your core message is. Through in-depth strategy sessions, you'll become a more sophisticated operator with a PLAN for success. We'll transform your ideas into compelling content that attracts the audience and customers you're seeking to impact. 




Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding campaigns require an immense amount of preparation, crystal clear messaging, and creative strategy. I have likened it to starting and running a business while simultaneously starting and running a business! The year-long Wylder Kickstarter campaign proved successful both for the press it generated and the goal it achieved. 

Wylder kickstarter.jpeg

Non-profit Manifesto

I worked with a brilliant team for over a year to articulate the mission and structure for Able Fund, a non-profit for underserved founders. Able Fund develops capital strategies with entrepreneurs to create greater social and economic value and represents a shift in business ideology from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism.

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